VBall Scorer for iPhone

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Tired of flipping those little numbered flags? Having to balance the scoreboard and a cold beverage? Or maybe you're stuck with a clipboard and your pencil broke. Playing to 21 and diving by 7 to figure out when to switch got you down? This app makes keeping score during volleyball games easy and fun! With just a flick of your finger you can keep score on an easy to read scoreboard that lets you keep your attention on the game.

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Super Duper Features:

What the FAQ?

How do I add a point?
Touch the bottom of a number and swipe up.
How do I start a new game?
Tap the settings button in the bottom right corner, and on the Settings screen, tap the New Game button.
Oops, I need to take away a point from a team...
Touch the top of a number and swipe down.
Can I change settings during a game?
Absolutely! Hit the settings button in the bottom right corner to go to the settings screen, change what you need to change, and then hit Done.
Will getting a phone call or text during a game mess anything up?
Nope. Quitting the app or switching away to answer a call (or anything else) saves the game in progress.
What's in the next version?
Here's the list of stuff we're putting in the upcoming update:
  • Updated graphics for Retina Displays (iPhone 4)
  • Even eaiser score keeping: just tap to add a point
  • Team name changes
When is next version coming out?
Probably near the end of January, 2011. Too much to do on other projects, too little time!