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Grocery shopping shouldn’t be a hassle. With Grocery Buddy everything you need (other than a personal shopper) is right at your finger tips! Easily add and check off items from your shopping list.

With one tap, reset your list for next week’s shopping trip. No need to create a new list for each trip- add, delete and rearrange items on existing lists. Maintain several lists- one for every store you shop at. Arrange your lists to reflect your path through the store. Create lists within a list making shopping by department easier than ever. No more reaching one end of the store only to realize you forgot something at the other end!

Grocery Buddy is designed to make grocery shopping as quick and painless as possible. (You are on your own finding the checkout lane that moves the fastest!)

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Using GroceryBuddy

Main Screen

Main Screen

The main screen is where you keep track of or create new lists. When you use a list, it's moved to the top, so the things you access most are always right at your fingertips.

  1. To add a new list, tap the Add (+) button.
  2. To View a list, tap it's name.
  3. To delete a list, tap the edit button.

List Screen

List Screen

The List screen is where you add and remove things to your lists and check off things while you are shopping.

  1. To check off or un-check an item, just tap it.
  2. To add an item to a group, tap the Add Item To... row at the bottom of every section.
  3. To delete items or re-order them, tap the edit button.
  4. You can also add items to any section using the Add (+) button at the bottom.
  5. To bring up the Groups / Section screen, tap the Groups icon in the center.
  6. When you are done shopping, you can reset your list and uncheck everything by tapping the reset button. Don't worry, we'll ask if you are sure.

Groups Screen

Groups Screen

The Groups screen is where you add or remove groups of items. A group can be anything you want; a section of the grocery store, individual aisles in the store, or whatever makes sense to you and your way of shopping.

  1. To add a new group, tap the Add (+) button.
  2. To delete a group or re-order them, tap the edit button. The order you put them in here will be the order they are displayed in your shopping list.