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Our primary focus is on User Interface Design and JavaScript Development, as well as providing iPhone & iPad Applicaton Development and Web Application front end development.

Zazen Time for iPhone

zazen time for iPhone application icon

Zazen Time helps you just sit there. Create and save your own custom sitting sessions by linking together bells (one, two, or three strikes) and delays. When it's time to sit, select and start... then just sit.

VBall Scoreboard for iPhone and Android

screen shot of volleyball scoreboard app

Developed when the pencil broke while keeping score during a tournament. "Gee, I sure wish there was an app for that!" we thought. Now there is.

But wait; there's more! The best volleyball scorekeeping app for iOS is now available for Android. Now everyone can keep score in style.

Grocery Buddy for iPhone

screen shot of grocery buddy  app

Grocery shopping shouldn’t be a hassle. With Grocery Buddy everything you need (other than a personal shopper) is right at your finger tips! Easily add and check off items from your shopping list.

KidSlate for iOS

Screenshot of KidSlate on iPad

There are already a ton of great drawing apps out there for the iPad and iPhone, so why make another? Because my daughter (who was 2 at the time) would accidentally zoom or pan, or have to ask for help changing to a new color.

Realizing the UI and feature set of all the apps I had seen to that point weren't what a toddler needed, KidSlate was born, with it's biggest feature being a complete lack of features.

Easy and simple for kids who just want to draw. Best of all, it's free.

Recent Client Work

We developed an application that allowed Thermo Fisher Scientific to more efficiently manage marketing campaign metadata and tracking that signifigantly reduced the amount of effort & time to deploy and allowed multiple campaigns to share entry points.

We have worked with changeMode on multiple projects over the last few years and the speed and quality of their execution keeps us coming back - Michael Schmalbach, Marketing Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific